Family Engagement Management License
Class Date(s) Monday, Dec 14 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Tuesday, Dec 15 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
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The Family Engagement Management License (ML) program is aa competency based curriculum program that is used to develop and enhance the family support skills related to the critical job functions of staff working with families. Participants learn skills that they can perform with an optimal level of proficiency and competence. The Family Engagement Supervisor Credential will follow a specific series of steps beginning with what your program goals for family support and how to incorporate ethics into your program goals in family-staff relationships, continuing through communication with families by using hypothetical case files and managing those hypothetical cases.  The Supervisor credential will incorporate discussions about service plans and the dynamics of a family’s situation. Students learn more about collaboration and to increase your ability to participate in the same sort of discussions in the programs where you work. Participants must complete three (3) courses, two (2) exams and a student practicum. After classroom and practicum is finished, a portfolio of work education and training packet must be completed and submitted to the University. Once documents, coursework, fieldwork and exams are complete and submitted to Student Advisor, an assessment date for licensing is set.  

Upon the completion of HS University's family engagement credential orlicense, your Courses approved for NASW CEU's!credential/license will be based on the NationalAssociation of Social Workers (NASW) continuing education requirements and the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) educational standards. HS University's Family Engagement credential/license program also aligns with Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) relationship-based competencies

The Management License (ML) program is designed for professionals who are responsible for ensuring the professional development of Head Start staff. Candidates enrolled in this program usually have 2 years or more experience administering Head Start training curriculum. The Management License (ML) program is designed to identify leading trainers who can deliver superior training events, conferences and seminars on Head Start standards. Candidates enrolled in this program will have a competitive edge in their career and will be a vital resource in today's Head Start training community. In addition to the national recognition, candidates are provided with a valuable set of resources to aid them in becoming some of the best trainers in the Head Start community. The Management License (ML) process usually takes about 36 weeks to complete and requires 45 credit units.

The Management License (ML) in Family Engagement includes is designed to identify the areas of perfomance that are the primary focus of the Family Engagement Protocol. Each outcome indicates a federal regulation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:


  1. Build comfortable rapport with staff and get buy-in for Family Support procedures from the beginning.


Deliver Family Support standards logically and simply in a brain-friendly fashion.


Orchestrate the optimum environment for your training.


  • Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate Family Support compliance.


Use and combine compelling audio & visual aids to utilize more senses.


Choose creative and stimulating delivery formats for "dry," regulatory material.


Facilitate partner and group activities applicable to learning goals.


Transfer Family Support information from short-term to long-term memory.


Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory Family Support training that will have lasting impact.


Apply Accelerated Family Support strategies for results-boosting, super-charged productivity.


Transfer Credits

Candidates who has previously received a Family Development Credential or Social Service Credential can transfer to the Family Engagment Administrative Credential if they complete a Prior Learning Assessment form (PLA), Candidate Application Form, and complete the FE Core Course #1(3 weeks online). There is a $495 program application fee.

 Program Information

Program Length

All courses are twelve week in length, 45 credits unless specified otherwise. HS University students are Head Start working adults who can earn their certificate at their own pace and on their own schedule.  Most students attend part-time, and the normal time to complete this program is 36 weeks.

Program Cost

Cost information for HS University program is available at  The tuition and fees for the entire program, at current tuition rates, are $2595. 

Program Course of Study

The following list a suggested course of study. Students must complete 15 credits/45 units in order to earn a credential. Please contact your advisor and student representative for an individual Professional Development Plan (Plans consist of a detailed program of study requirement and Proposal for Tuition payment).  Students must complete an application and pay application fee in order to receive Professional Development Plans of Study.

  • Plan of Study

    Course # Description Units Credits
    FE100 Family Engagement Supervisor Course 10 4
    70-101C Exam - Family Engagement Administrative 5 1
    70-201C Exam - Family Engagement Supervisor 5 1
    70-301C Exam - Family Engagement License 5 1
    FE200 Family Engagement Administrator Course 10 4
    FE300 Family Engagement Management License Course 5 2
    FE400 Student Practicum 5 2
    Transfer Family Development Credential (From an HSU Approved Provider)* 10 3

    *Must complete 3 weeks course #1 for OHS regulatory understanding (5 units/2 credits).

Price $3,195.00
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