ERSEA: Addressing Vulnerabilities in Eligibility and Verification
Class Date(s) Wednesday, Jan 29 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Thursday, Jan 30 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Class# 1915532  

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ERSEA Addressing Vulnerabilities in Eligibility, Enrollment & Verification

This two day event will focus on actions needed to enhance program oversight and mitigate significant fraud and

improper risks. The GAO-19-519, a report to the Republican leader, Committee on Education and Labor and

House of Representatives discusses what vulnerabilities GAO’S covert tests identified in selected Head Start

grantees’ controls for program eligibility screening. This 2 day event is to address best practices and procedures

for ERSEA eligibility and verification process. Participants in this course will learn how to develop program

process and systems in order to comply with ERSEA requirement. Students will use sample community

assessments to determine issues and strengths of their eligibility verification processes as well as how to collect

the proper information in the ERSEA process. This course give an in-depth management perspective of ERSEA

proper verification documentation to meet federal requirements as well as to design program procedures to help

to monitor eligibility verification and appropriate income requirements. Students will learn how to use and

implement HS University NEW! Eligibility/Verification risk assessment tool to find control vulnerabilities, potential

fraud and improper risk. Students will learn about procedures and policies consistent with leading practices for

managing fraud risk, and how to implement such controls and covert tests to monitor and evaluate the

effectiveness of eligibility-verification controls. Also each participant is encouraged to pre-submit review/audit

questions prior to workshop. Questions will be answered during workshop Q&A session. You will learn and use

forms that are designed to help the program meet, manage and monitor regulations for eligibility, enrollment and

attendance. Emphasis will be on both performance standards and PIR requirements as it relates to ERSEA.

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