ERSEA: Preparing for UnAnnounced Visits
Class Date(s) Wednesday, Dec 16 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Thursday, Dec 17 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Class# 2015635  

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ERSEA: Preparing for Unannounced Visits: This 2-day LIVE course is designed to give learners comprehensive knowledge to plan for 2020 ERSEA Federal Monitoring and Unannounced Reviews. The 2020 ERSEA monitoring reviews will start on September 30, 2020. With this comes new changes to how the reviews will be handeled. Focus Area One will last five days and consist of calls of 60-90 minutes. This two day event discusses how your program should maintain copies of parent statements, such as declaration forms. It will empower programs on how to make reasonable decisions and how meeting the HSPPS will look different in 2021-2022. This course will also incorporate the NEW changes with the Focus Area One review process.

Price $695.00
  15 Seats
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2-Day Live Online Training