ERSEA Administrative Credential
Class Date(s) Wednesday, Dec 16 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Thursday, Dec 17 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
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This ERSEA Administrative Credential will address challenges programs face in meeting and maintaining funded enrollment levels. The program is structured to delivers proven ERSEA implementation strategies and related support activities to participants.  Each participant will improve their methods in implementing ERSEA compliance, particularly on how to achieve and maintain full funded enrollment. Participants will learn procedures and processes, including forms and tracking tools (ERSEA Toolkit: a CD with all the forms and software needed to manage enrollment as well as information and forms for recruitment) to implement ERSEA at their program.  Each area of requirement will be examined in detail to help students determine strategies for implementation. It will help staff understand the eligibility requirement as well as enrollment of children and families in the program.  It will also help staff to understand the requirements for attendance.  Students attending this course will be given a brief detailed overview of eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance and what is required in a federal review/audit. 


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

1. Understand eligibility changes and how it relates to the ERSEA
2. Understand how to use CA data in recruitment, eligibility, and selection
3. Understand eligibility requirements such as income verification, age requirements and public assistance
4. Be able to monitor attendance and understand how to calculate average daily attendance ADA correctly

A credential at HS University is an "educational process" of establishing the qualifications of professionals in Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, American Indian/Alaska Native and Early Childhood employees.  The process consists of the attainment of a specific skill level and knowledge of regulations and the assessing of the candidate's educational background and experience. A credential is then awarded to the professional who meets the standards set for the credential.  It signifies that a student has enrolled, attended and successfully completed the requirements of a specific mental health services plan of study within a Head Start program.  The administrator credential process usually takes about 6 weeks to complete and requires 15 units.


The credential in ERSEA Administrator Credential provides a basic academic foundation and professional development for ERSEA staff. An important professional credential and license offers Head Start nutrition workers an opportunity to advance their careers and serve children and families more effectively. A license is a "collegiate diploma". It is a post-secondary academic process of establishing the qualifications of professionals working in ERSEA Management.


Students are prepared to communicate effectively, learn and use new technology, think critically and creatively and demonstrate sound ERSEA policies.  The courses are designed for students who intend to pursue advanced study in ERSEA Management or a related discipline. 

Students are required to complete the following:

Complete 15 units or 5 credits

Complete online examination and documentation process

Complete a Prior Learning Assessment portfolio packet

Pay fee ( fees are determined by state in which student resides)

Complete award review process

Admission Criteria

Candidates for admission to the credential program must be employed in a Head Start program and possess a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) diploma.

 Application Deadline

The deadline for Fall session starts is September.  The next session starts 6 weeks after that date.

The following list a suggested course of study. Students must complete 5 credits/15 units in order to earn a certificate. Please contact your advisor and student representative for an individual Professional Development Plan (Plans consist of a detailed program of study requirement and Proposal for Tuition payment).  Students must complete an application and pay application fee in order to receive Professional Development Plans of Study.

Course of Study

Course #



ERS100 Developing Policies and Procedures for Compliance 3
ERS200 Management and Administration of the ERSEA Environment 3
ERS300 ERSEA Systems: Maintaining the System 3

Price $1,495.00
  15 Seats
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2-Day Live Online Training