ERSEA Supervisor Credential
Class Date(s) Wednesday, Dec 16 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
Thursday, Dec 17 2020 9:00AM-4:00PM  
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ERSEA Management - Supervisor  (30 units/24 weeks)

The Supervisor Credential (CS) program is designed to ensure your program does not fall into the risk category is an important factor to maintaining your funding. This two day institute is designed to help you ensure that ERSEA regulations are implemented correctly.  During the training you will learn how to develop procedures and best practices for implementing ERSEA.  Forms will be presented to help you with eligibility requirements in the 2007 Head Start Act.  This training will focus on income eligibility and helping you to correctly determine families classified as low income.  It will also give you a clear understanding of what percentage of over-income families you can serve.  Methods and regulations on recruiting, selecting and enrolling Homeless families into your program will be covered in detail. The institute will provide strategies on using risk assessments to develop effective recruitment measures, select those families in greatest need of services, maintain acceptable enrollment levels for the monthly enrollment reporting as well as monitoring and maintaining daily attendance percentages.  Upon completion you will return with an action plan and proven tools and skills to ensure your program will be risk FREE in implementing ERSEA regulations!!

The Supervisor Credential (CS) program is designed as a valid and reliable measure of the candidates understanding of the Head Start regulations.  Candidates enrolled in this Credential program acquire a skill set of the best practices and procedural methods for implementing Head Start regulations. A Supervisor Credential (CS) is a Head Start professional who is responsible for collecting, reporting, managing and monitoring daily compliance issues in a ERSEA Management Services. 

A Supervisor Credential (CS) at HS University is an "emerging leaders process" of establishing the qualifications of professionals in Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant Head Start, American Indian/Alaska Native and Early Childhood employees.  The process consists of the attainment of a specific skill level and knowledge of regulations and the assessing of the candidate's educational background and experience. A Supervisor Credential (CS) is then awarded to the professional who meets the standards set for the credential.  It signifies that a student has enrolled, attended and successfully completed the requirements of a specific family services area within a Head Start program.  The Supervisor Credential (CS) process usually takes about 12 weeks to complete and requires 30 credit units.

The Supervisor Credential (CS) in ERSEA Management includes is designed to identify the areas of perfomance that are the primary focus of the ERSEA Protocol. Each outcome indicates a federal regulation

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

1. Conduct outreach, recruitment and enrollment       
2. Provide orientation on philosophy of program and services provided and how ERSEA affects management systems
3. Communicate effectively using appropriate verbal and non-verbal messages and reflective listening skills.
4. Determine eligibility ensuring that children with greatest need for services enter the program first.
5. Develop and design recruitment activities that offer every parent with eligible children in the community opportunities to participate in Head Start.
6. Develop a formal process for establishing selection criteria and for selecting children and families with the greatest need for Head Start services
7. Ensure that 10% of total actual enrollment are children with disabilities.
8. Design strategies to meet funded enrollment and maintain it throughout the year.
9. Develop ongoing monitoring system to ensure average daily attendance requirements are met
10. Create a system that monitors and ensures no more than 10% of over-income families enter the program.


 Program Information

Program Length

All courses are twelve week in length, 30 credits unless specified otherwise. HS University students are Head Start working adults who can earn their certificate at their own pace and on their own schedule.  Most students attend part-time, and the normal time to complete this program is 24 weeks.

Program Cost

Cost information for HS University program is available at  The tuition and fees for the entire program, at current tuition rates, are $2595. 

Program Course of Study

The following list a suggested course of study. Students must complete 10 credits/30 units in order to earn a credential. Please contact your advisor and student representative for an individual Professional Development Plan (Plans consist of a detailed program of study requirement and Proposal for Tuition payment).  Students must complete an application and pay application fee in order to receive Professional Development Plans of Study.

Price $2,595.00
  15 Seats
Class Location
2-Day Live Online Training